Sunday, December 23, 2012

††**INVERT**†† Comics by QUEERS

hello cyber world! Here is another exciting project that i have been lucky to be a part of recently. Its a comic anthology put together by my friend M. Chandelier here in the  city that i live, NEW ORLEANS!

its the first of hopefully more issues to come. the broad theme of this issue was HISTORY. and it was great to see how all the artists took that in totally different directions.

Heres a peak at what i did for it:

if yr lookin for copies, hit up the source! : m.chandelier@gmail

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Its been a while..

Oh HEY! its been a while but i do exist still. and I do still draw! Soon i will have exciting information about ISSUE FOUR of SO OUTTA HERE. But for now Ive got info on other projects! I drew the cover for this zine called NOT YOUR MOTHER'S MEATLOAF. Check them out at